Hi, I’m Olean. Glad you’re stopping by! 

This page is all about my journey of becoming a better artist and producer.

Not too long ago I started working on some deep house tunes and immediately got addicted. After a year full of fun but short of progress I sat down to come up with a slightly more structured approach that might help me to start making bigger steps.

I decided to draw a mind map of all the topics I’d have to take a closer look at. After prioritising them I tried coming up with some exercises to practice them. Finally I decided I’d have to keep a journal of some sort collecting all my findings.

Instead of just writing everything down I figured that frequently presenting and sharing my findings in videos and blog articles would be a very good way to stay motivated and make sure I studied the topics deeply enough. That’s when Olean’s House was born.

Just like university students I share the results and findings of the topics I work on in the form papers and presentations. Hopefully I also get feedback and have conversations about these topics with other students. 


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