Amazing classics deep house Pad sound (Free Sylenth1 Preset)

I finally managed to recreate (or get close to recreate) a pad sound that I’ve been trying to figure out for a while now. I first encountered the sound in Borrowed Identity’s “Baise-Moi Dit-Elle”. It’s basically the first Pad sound that you hear right at the beginning and throughout the track. Over time I’ve heard it in many other tunes as well and even tried contacting a bunch of artists hoping they might be able to help me out. Unfortunately that did not end up working out. 

Finally I stumbled across a few pretty simple synthesis technics and managed to recreate the sound in Sylenth1. In the video up top I’m sharing the complete approach to creating this sound which if you know your way around your synth of choice should be easy to recreate in any subtractive synth or synth plug in.

You can also head over to my facebook page to get the download link for the free sylenth1 preset.

Finally managed to recreate one of my favourite pad sounds.check out how I did…

Posted by Olean Music on Freitag, 14. Juli 2017