How to produce music like Disclosure

Listening to music from big acts like Disclosure etc. can be quite frustrating for people (like me), who are at a beginner level or just started learning deep house music production.

Since I’m learning music production auto didactically, carefully listening to my favourite tracks trying to figure what the heck is going on, is one of the only ways to pick up some skills and concepts.

But deconstructing tracks is often super difficult if not impossible for beginners like me. It’s almost like asking someone to take a very close look at a car or phone and then asking them to build one themselves.

Luckily there are some great sources out there deconstructing some great tunes and giving some insight on how they were produced and even composed.

I have always been a huge fan of disclosure and especially their remix of Jessie Wares “Running”. It has a ton of sounds and elements that I was looking to learn, but never really managed to figure out myself. Finally I found a video in the Mixmag Youtube channel that deconstructs this master piece of a track.

It really gave me some hope to eventually become a decent producer since it demystified some of the things I had no clue about before. It for example showed me that using an inversion of a major7 chord and playing it with a simple sawtooth wave + filter + chorus synth set up can make an amazing element for a track.

I realised that Point Blank has a ton of deconstruction videos that u can watch for free on youtube. Quite a few of them deconstruct other disclosure tracks and are definitely worth checking out. Even though my musical taste has progressed quite a bit and I also aim to produce a different type of deep house sound, these videos are super helpful to build a set of skills that u can add to your arsenal and reinterpret in your own work.

Here are some of the Disclosure Tutorials:

Thanks to Mixmag , Point Blank and Pyramind for putting amazing sources out there!