How to recreate the stranger things theme song – Learn Synthesis

I you have watched the show stranger things chances are that you fell in love with the sick soundtrack featuring some pretty sick synth sounds.

Some of them aren’t even that difficult to recreate! In this video I’m explaining how to recreate the synth arpeggio you might recognise from the shows main theme.

I am recreating it in sylenth1 but explaining it in a way that will allow you to recreate it in any synth. Instead of going over the specific settings, I’m explaining the techniques and basics you need to create a sound like this one. So hopefully after watching the whole video you will not only be able to recreate this specific sound, but use the skills you learned to create many others 😀


  • Set up one oscillator playing a sawtooth wave
  • Set up another oscillator playing a Square/Pulse Wave and transpose it down by one Octave
  • run them through low pass filter with a 24 db per octave slope
  • set up a modulation envelope to modulate the filter cutoff and set up the envelope with little or no attack time, medium decay time, no sustain, some release time
  • set up the amp envelope in the same way
  • bring the cutoff frequency down and the modulation amount of the filter envelope up
  • this is the basic sound you will later fine tune
  • now its time to set up an arpeggio
  • the arpeggio will play a C major 7 chord whith another C an octave higher
  • the arpeggio mode is up and down: so playing C E G B C B G E C E G …. in a loop
  • you can create the arpeggio in a midi file or use a sequencer with in your synth (if it has one)
  • now you can play with this set up and adjust the tempo, adsr of the envelopes, filter cutoff and modulation debth to your liking
  • with these basic techniques you can of course also create many other cool sounds