How to set up advanced envelopes in Sylenth1

Hey guys,

I just learned how to set up advanced envelopes in Sylenth1 and recorded a video about my findings:

For those of you who like to read:

I was deconstructing a sylenth1 stock preset (BS Booka, 205 of bank1) and was wondering why it was using two separate envelopes to modulate the filter cutoff.

After some thinking I realised that using multiple envelopes to modulate the same thing leads to the values of the envelopes getting added up. That means you can create two dimensional or in general more complex envelopes.

Maybe this example sheds some light on what I am talking about. Let’s say you want to create a Bass sound that start with an initial quick snap containing lots of high frequencies and then continues with a part that still has some higher frequencies but then gradually¬†loses them over time. The envelop of the filter cutoff would have to have two stages instead of just being one gradual line. These two stages are created by using two different envelopes. You create one envelope with a short decay time but lots of modulation to make the filter cutoff drop a lot in a short amount of time and one envelope with a longer decay time and less modulation. these two combined form an envelope that initially reduced the cut off by a lot and then eventually reduces it at a slower speed.

Using this technique gives you great control over the shape and snap and punch of your sound. You can fine tune sound to you production and and some extra amount of spice that let’s it cut through the mix with out having to compress it. since compressing just alter the volume while changing the cut off actually changes the frequencies present. In some cases adding some higher frequencies for a short amount of time might work better than using compression or the amp envelope to add punch.