Learn Synthesis: 24K Magic Synth Brass Sound explained

Hey Guys! I really like the old-skool vibe and many of the synth sounds you find in 24k Magic by Bruno Mars. Especially the Brass sound that you can find throughout the song is something I really wanted to have in my arsenal of synthesis skills. So I took some time, worked it out and made a video about it. In the video below I going through the process of creating the sound in sylenth1, but I explain the concept in a way that will allow you to recreate it in any synthesiser. If you want the free preset for sylenth1 or massive feel free to contact me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/oleans.house

Anyway here the video and below some notes if you rather skim through the info real quick instead of watching the whole thing 😉 Cheers!


  • many classic synth sounds make use of sawtooth waves or pulse/square-waves since those were often times the only waves the first synthesisers would feature
  • in this case use sawtooth waves
  • the chord makes up quite a lot of the sound. program a C minor 7 (C Eb G Bb) in a midi clip as a basis for the sound. Or play it on your midi keyboard
  • make sure you set your synthesiser to play at least 4 voices to play all notes of the chord
  • detune the waves by either using a detune function in the synth (like sylenth) or use several oscillators and detune them slightly by slightly altering the pitch of each oscillator )very little.
  • a stereo chorus can also work for this
  • If you dont use a stereo chorus you might have to pan the oscillators to create stereo width
  • make sure to turn of the retrigger mode. Having the waves move freely creates a much nicer sound
  • add some vibrato (for example LFO controlling pitch in sylenth or using vibrato function in massive)
  • add a lowpass filter with some resonance to fine tune the patch.
  • add a second filter this time highpass to controll the low end. since sylenth has one filter only u can just use an EQ in you track after the synth.
  • fine tune it to your taste