Learn Synthesis: How to create a 24k Magic Bass in any Synth

In the following video I’m explaining how to create a bass sound like the one you can find in 24k Magic by Bruno Mars.

I am using Sylenth1 but will explain things in a way that will allow you to create the bass sound in any other synthesiser.

The Idea behind the video is to pick up some synthesis and sound design skills in order to grow your arsenal of tools and techniques to create your own patches and sound, rather than perfectly recreating the sound from the original track.


  • use two oscillators
  • each playing a saw/sawtooth wave
  • pitch 1 oscillator down by 1 octave (or 12 semitones)
  • make sure retrigg is turned off for the oscillators
  • turn the polyphony down to 1
  • throw on a lowpass filter
  • turn down the cutoff frequency till you only hear sub bass
  • apply a modulation envelope with no attack time, medium decay time, a medium sustain level and a short release time
  • adjust the amp envelope to have some release time to avoid clicking
  • ad some resonance to the filter
  • turn on legato mode
  • turn on portamento and slide to you liking and adjusted to your playing style
  • fine tune the filter envelope and cutoff position to your taste
  • fine tune the volume of the two oscillators to your own taste


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  • Create a Moog Bass in Sylenth
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  • how to use retrigger
  • how to use legato mode
  • how to create bass slides
  • how to use portamento

Here a link to the original to compare: